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    The MT320 has been completely re-designed to bring together the perfect combination of ergonomic design and function.

    The tool has a wide speed range of 3,000 – 7,500 OPM which allows the faster compounding, superior final polishing and waxing.

    The all new thumb adjustable speed dial and outer casing have been designed to allow for a more ergonomic feel and smoother buffing experience.

    Inside the MT320 are newly developed electronics designed to regulate and maintain the torque and speed of the machine. This ensures you get the best possible finish every time. The all new billet counterweight design means that the machine is smooth to use and perfectly balanced.

    The MT320 comes with a soft start which provides easy control when turning the tool on.

    The MT320 can be used with ease on all paint types from new to neglected without training and can be used with an extensive range of the consumer products.


    Digital torque management electronically adjusts torque to maintain speed.
    New billet counter weight ensures smooth, precision and balance.
    The dual action orbit and rotation means that you never have to worry about damaging paint.
    Enables users to get professionals results at home.
    MT320 DA Polisher Kit Includes:

    MT320 Professional DA Polisher, 220-230V, Plug G x 1 (** 1 Year warranty provided, only on Armature/ rotor

    DBP5 DA Backing Plates 5″ x 1
    Meguiar’s Customised Bag x 1
    Training on usage of MT320

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